What Women Need to Know About Car Insurance

In the current era that we are living, it is often mentioned that women have capabilities same as men have in all aspects. But when it comes to driving, women have been under prejudices and stereotypes. Women have been teased, mocked, and taunted that they are terrible drivers. While being honest everyone has to admit that a gender stereotype has notwho gets cheaper auto insurancehing to do with driving as driving is a skill and ability. The Provo car insurance company has same auto insurance policies for both male and female drivers. The insurance premium rates are determined on the factors such as type of vehicle, history of credit and installments, driving record, location, and age.

Who gets cheaper auto insurance?

Women should know about the fact, that one of the most important factors in determining the auto premium is gender. Women tend to get cheaper auto insurance as compared to men. To some people this fact might seem weird but it is based on some authentic statistics. According to a survey conducted by a US organization in 2008, it was deduced that those who died in fatal accidents had 50 percent more men than that of women drivers. According to another survey, conducted in 2012, almost 71 percent of the men were died in accidents. It is also a fact that men speed more than women and they often do not take care of safety measures such as seat belts and drive while being drunk etc. Due to these reasons men pay at almost 12 percent higher rates on average than women. The percentage in sum is almost $15,000.

Tips for Women to get Cheap Auto Insurance

The car insurance companies in US including Provo car insurance offer a variety of premiums plans for its clients. Women may get cheaper car insurance by following the tips:

  1. Add relevant Drivers: Women should make sure that drivers who regularly drive the car are mentioned on the insurance policy plan. There is also an option of having additional drivers in the policy plan for liwho gets cheaper auto insurancemited days whenever needed.
  2. Security: There should be a proper dedicated anti-theft system in the car for security purposes such as GPS kit for tracking, Steering lock, and alarm. The security system can save up to 5 percent of premium. New cars have security systems but if your car don’t have then go for it.
  3. Agree on higher excess: If you will agree to pay higher costs in case of repairs will bring you high premiums. During accident if the fault is of the other person then you will recover in excess.
  4. Pay installments on time: When you will pay installments on time, then there will be no surcharge or interest and hence the cost of the premium will not rise.
  5. Drive according to needs: If the car is driven more, lower are savings in premium. There is saving of almost up to $90 if the car is driven 8,000 kilometers a year. But any incorrectness in the mileage of the car can lead to cancellation of premium.


Burial Vs Term Life Insurance – Which One Should You Own?

Are you are thinking about the future, regarding what your family will do after you are gone? If so, you will want to think about the type of insurance that you have, which can provide them with the money that they will need to continue once you are gone. There are a couple of types of insurance that every family should have, especially the “breadwinner”, so as to provide his or her family with money that will no longer be coming in. This article will look at burial vs. term life insurance, two of the most important forms of insurance that you can have that should be owned by every person that is financially responsible for their family.

What Is Burial Insurance?

As the name indicates, this is a type of insurance that you need to have if you would like to provide your family with the money that will be necessary to bury you after you are gone. Funerals can be expensive, and to pay for the cost of your burial, as well as the casket, and also your grave site, this extra money will help. Most policies are for $10,000, which will easily cover the cost of most funerals today. The cost is usually about $10 a month, although it can be higher or lower Term Life or Burial Insurancedepending upon the amount of the death benefit. The other type of insurance that you need is called term life insurance, which we will now present. In fact, this can be the most important type of insurance that any person can have that wants to take care of their family long after they are gone.

What Is Term Life Insurance?

This is a form of life insurance that has only a death benefit associated with it. It is different from whole life or universal life policies. If you have a whole life policy, for example, there is usually an annuity that is attached to the life insurance that will also be paid out at the time of death. The benefit of using this type of policy is that it acts as a savings account that people can use to borrow money from in times of emergency. However, if kept intact, it will earn interest over the course of time, and will give your family, even more, money at the time of your death. The problem with this type of insurance, especially in comparison to cheap term life insurance, is that it is costlier. Just looking at the numbers, it is much more affordable to get a term life insurance policy, as well as a much larger death benefit for your family, when you decide to go with term life.

Burial vs. Term Life Insurance

Most people have an insurance agent that they like to work with, one that can provide you with quotes on both types of policies. Sometimes quotes for burial insurance can come from a completely separate entity, companies that strictly deal with burial insurance, and the same is true for term life. It is recommended that you go online to submit your information about getting a quote on each type of insurance. This will allow you to find out who is offering the best deal. As long as the insurance companies check out regarding legitimacy, and having no complaints either on social media or through the Better Business Bureau, simply choose the one that offers the best monthly premiums.

Thinking about your death is not a fun or enviable topic, but it is one that every breadwinner should consider. This is true regarding providing your family with money after you are gone in the form of burial and term life insurance. Now that you know that burial insurance is specifically for the burial of your body, and term life insurance will be the money that your family will use in your absence, you should get multiple quotes today on these two absolutely essential forms of insurance that will be your way of helping your family after you have passed on.

The Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

Pete Gordon discusses why whole life insurance is critical both for the death benefit and for “living benefits.” Whole life insurance is the engine that makes infinite banking run.

Application Process for Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits

Read more about the Disability Application:

Disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss the application process for long term and short term disability benefits. More specifically, they discuss the numerous things that disability claimants must consider in order to properly submit a disability claim.

S.Korea to expand health insurance benefits / YTN

The government has announced new health insurance policies to expand benefits especially for pregnant women.

Under the new policy package, costs for medical services for expectant mothers, such as an ultrasound and caesarean section delivery, will be sharply lowered to five to ten perecent of the present expenses.

The health ministry said it also plans to allow health insurance coverage for treatments for subfertility and extreme obesity starting from 2017 and 2018, respectively.

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